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GC by George Charles

The Benefits of Our Products

At GC by George Charles, we use innovative and exceptional products for our clients to keep the hair’s body and color lasting for months to come. Our hair salon near downtown Chicago uses nothing but the best products to keep your hair at its healthiest potential. Continue reading to learn more about our top products.


Milbon is a salon-exclusive brand since 1960 that is customizable to each client’s specific hair type. From shampoos to starter kits, Milbon is always helping us give you the most sought-after looks. The product is developed in Japan using the latest research & technology to meet the needs and creativity of hairstylists. GC by George Charles partners with Milbon as they are experts in what they do, allowing us to transform our clients through the art of hair.


Calura system is an innovative exothermic technology, designed to maximize dye penetration while minimizing hair damage. The Calura heat allows a thorough penetration of the certified organic essences and keratin, allowing for radiant and uncontested shine. Other benefits of the Calura system include ultimate white coverage, five levels of lift, and long-lasting fashion shades.

Olgio Blacklight

The blacklight lightening system helps complete the spectrum of blondes effortlessly by offering vibrant blondes, all while keeping your hair shiny, healthy, and hydrated. This lighting system can work for all different types of clients—from people with a sensitive scalp to those who need high-performance hair or color correction.


Based in Los Angeles, Spongellé specializes in innovative delivery systems for the personal care and consumer products industry. At GC by George Charles, we make sure to use only the most effective technology, the finest ingredients, all with a touch of luxury, which is why we turn to Spongellé products. The body buffers are a great way to care for your skin as they are infused with exotic extracts, rich moisturizers, and gentle cleansers. If you’re looking for a youthful look and afterglow, ask about Spongellé today.

Truss Professional

Truss consists of high-quality products for hairdressers that help promote noticeable results from the first application. For over 18 years, Truss has been treating anything from frizz control, dry scalp, and oily hair. We turn to Truss to help our clients with hair reconstruction and protection for lightening techniques and more.

Ergo Styling Brushes

Ergo stying brushes are designed and supported by education in order to give you a look that you’ve been dreaming of. Since 1995, Ergo has been expanding and building in order to help salons like ours. The styling brushes that we use come from Ergo, which are revolutionary designed in order to give a new level of faster and longer-lasting shine for any hair type.


Aquis protects and perfects your hair in order to give you unquestionable confidence. Aquis’ innovative 4-step system breaks the damage cycle from wash to wash and allows you to add strength to your hair. We turn to Aquis when we want to use a simpler and better way to treat hair.

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