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GC by George Charles

Chicago’s Balayage Salon Professionals

Best Balayage Hair Color & Hair Highlights in Chicago

Whether you are going from dark to light, or you want highlights painted throughout your hair, there are a number of ways to enhance your look. At GC by George Charles, we provide our clients with premier styling services that enhance their natural beauty, accommodate their tastes, and promote their self confidence.

As a top tier balayage salon in Chicago, you can trust our team to provide exceptional, beautiful results. We make it a priority to maintain our reputation as a luxury hair salon by surpassing client expectations at every appointment.

All About Balayage

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a French hair coloring technique that first arose in the 1970s, and it has become a method stylists all over the world work diligently to specialize in.

At GC by George Charles, our team of professionals produce only the highest salon quality styles and color transformations, including balayage hair in Chicago.

Hair Painting VS Balayage

The word “balayage” means “sweeping,” which reflects on how this hair coloring technique is applied. Stylists sweep lightener onto the hair by hand, using a brush and backing board. Hair painting can sometimes be mistaken for balayage, but it is not the same as it involves further saturation of the hair and foils, resulting in a more dramatic look.

The artful application of balayage results in soft, natural looking highlights that are carefully placed throughout the hair to frame the face and compliment a client’s hair length, style, and lightening preferences. You can have as few or as many highlights as you like with a balayage application, meaning the amount of dimension you prefer is what you will receive. Additionally, the growing out period provides a far more natural look than other highlighting methods.

The range of color you can choose from is endless. If you prefer a stark contrast between light and dark shades, or you want a more subtle look with mild variation, a balayage in Chicago from GC by George Charles is just the style you’re looking for.

If you prefer a large contrast between your highlights and natural color, we may ask you to schedule more than one appointment so we can gradually lighten your hair to the correct shade without causing damage. This method is quite common for clients with naturally dark hair.

Maintaining Balayage Highlights

As mentioned above, balayage highlights grow out naturally, but in order to maintain them clients should use sulfate-free hair products. Additionally, using a hair mask once or twice a week in place of conditioner will help the balayage last even longer and nourish the hair.

Salon Balayage Benefits

This hair coloring technique requires little upkeep, it’s versatile, and you get a beautiful set of highlights in just one visit. Some other benefits of balayage include:

  • Easy to Maintain – Balayage is much easier to maintain than all-over color. Using sulfate-free products and a hair treatment mask once a week will easily keep your color looking fresh.
  • Healthier Hair – You are not completely saturating your hair in bleach or color dye when you choose balayage, so your hair is dressed with fewer chemicals, resulting in less damage and dryness.
  • Safe for Pregnant Women and Those with Allergies – Balayage highlights are applied to the hair, not the scalp, which means that the process can be done even if you are pregnant or have allergies.
  • Customizable – Balayage treatments are personalized to your hair style and tastes. You can choose a few accents or create a complete color change. Discuss your options with your stylist and they will be happy to transform your hair into the style you’re looking for.

Allow Us to Surpass Your Expectations – GC by George Charles

If you are looking for the best balayage in Chicago, contact us at GC by George Charles to schedule an appointment. Our stylists are waiting to help you achieve your hair goals, highlight your natural beauty, and perfect your look.

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