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GC by George Charles

This Is Our Story:

The Vision of GC by George Charles

A salon is more than a place for guests to change their hairstyle. To a true artist like George Charles, a salon has the ability to shape and exemplify the confidence of every client that walks through the door.

Since its humble beginnings where stylists exclusively conducted haircare services, GC by George Charles has turned into a welcoming yet luxurious experience for clients of this Gold Coast studio. The vision of the salon from what it once was, has morphed into an oasis that offers hair, face, nail, and other body-specific services aimed at wellness.

To better answer some of the questions you might have about our studio, the artist and owner George Charles has provided answers below.
George Charles

GC By George Charles Studio & Spa: Questions and Answers

What motivated you to start GC By George Charles?

With a deep passion for the beauty  industry as a whole, I wanted to create an environment I never had. I wanted to give my clients a warm, welcoming, and luxurious experience in a hair salon. The vision I had for my salon would also include giving artists (stylists) the opportunity to grow and create a space for a prosperous career path.

How has the salon and name GC by George Charles evolved over time? 

Much like hair and the fashion trends we have seen over the years, our salon has learned to grow, adapt and evolve into something even better. Today, we are now a studio that focuses on luxurious hair, nails, face ,body, and wellness experiences for our clientele.

What sets GC by George Charles apart from other Gold Coast Salons? 

Among Chicago’s infamous Gold Coast neighborhood, there are several other hair salons, day spas, and massage therapists for clients to choose from. We offer all three under one roof. Instead of simply defining ourselves as a hair salon or spa, GC By George Charles is now defined as a luxury wellness studio.

When you step into our space away from the hustle and bustle of the city, our staff will treat you hand-and-foot to high-end services and experiences that amplify your original definitions of luxury and comfort.

How would you describe the overall atmosphere and ambiance you aimed to create in your salon?

The services and atmosphere of our studio is warm, friendly, and inviting to all who walk through our front doors. Our staff members have been hand-picked as some of the most hospitable, charismatic, and talented in their prospective industries because my vision of GC by George Charles is to present the best experiences possible to our clients.

Have there been any significant challenges or obstacles you faced in realizing your vision for the salon? How did you overcome them? 

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, our business as a whole took a devastating hit. We were shut down for months with little to no income as a result of the dangers Covid posed. Despite the physical, emotional, and financial toll this event took on my salon, it also gave me perspective.

I took the time to ensure all services were safely planned and we were budgeting properly. As we emerged, GC by George Charles was able to start growing again and even doubled in size to the point where we needed a new studio. It’s been a beautiful transformation despite the immense challenges we faced.

How do you select and train your staff to ensure they align with your salon’s vision and provide exceptional service? 

As mentioned above, each person who is hired on is hand-picked for their passion, talent, skills, and charisma. It’s important to me that everyone who becomes part of the team at GC by George Charles aligns with our culture and environment where they are equally passionate about making people look and feel good.

This also includes a person who is willing to grow with their cosmetic education and actively expand their knowledge.I want to empower staff through education and training to customize each client’s experience and needs ensuring impeccable  experience and professional growth .  As someone who personally trains new talent within the salon, we also  bring in guest educators that can expand our knowledge and teach us new wellness trends, spa treatments, and other methods that we can offer our clients.

Have you introduced any innovative techniques, products, or services to your salon? 

We offer a non-ammonia and PPD-free color line that is driven in by exothermic technology. It’s a healthier way of coloring the hair that completely aligns with our wellness and beauty standards from within. Also, with styling products and our facial system, we are always offering new, environmentally-friendly products that amplify your confidence and appearance.

How do you engage with your clients to understand their needs and preferences, and how does that inform your salon’s direction? 

We engage with our clients by offering personalized consultations geared toward their wants and desires. As we learn more about the client, we tailor our salon and spa services and our artists’ professional expertise in order to meet their goals and expectations.

What else would you like current and future clients to know about GC by George Charles? 

We are an artistic family that continues to grow through cutting-edge techniques and technology. At the end of a visit to our studio, we want to help you feel better inside and out, with a luxurious yet eco-friendly experience.

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