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GC by George Charles

The Benefits of Extensions

Hair extensions in Chicago are a fun, exciting and non-permanent option to explore new looks with ease. At GC by George Charles, we offer beautiful, high-quality Great Lengths hair extensions made of real human hair. These extensions are expertly matched to your hair density and color for a realistic look and feel.

Volume & Length

Extensions give you the instant gratification of fuller and longer locks. Add up to 22 inches of length without waiting for your hair to grow. Women with thin hair can also benefit from adding volumizing extensions. Your hair will appear thicker from root to tip. As your hair grows longer, stop back into GC by George Charles to have your extensions moved up!


If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with different colors or highlights without the damaging effects, then Great Length hair extensions are perfect for you. Explore adventurous neons or add subtle glowing highlights. Extensions are easy to remove whenever you change your mind.


The best part about our hair extensions in Chicago is the simple application and care. Our hairstylists at GC by George Charles do all the hard work for you, by perfectly placing your extensions for your desired look. The Great Lengths procedure involves two visits. Your initial consultation usually takes a maximum of 45 minutes and allows you to express your dream results. At the end of the consultation, you will receive a personalized quote for your hairstyle. During the next appointment, you get to sit back and relax while our stylists apply your extensions for a flawless match.

Once your extensions are applied there is no special care or treatment needed! These extensions are the same quality of your own hair meaning they will never be compromised or damaged during your normal hair care routine.


Let’s be honest, our hair extensions will enhance your look dramatically, giving you a huge confidence boost as you strut around town! Hair extension technology has advanced greatly within the last few years. They are 100% natural, lightweight and comfortable. No one will even know you are wearing them. Plus you can swim, sweat and workout with them as normal. Feel bold and beautiful in your fresh new look!

We find hair extensions in Chicago provide ample benefits for every hair type and cut. Don’t hesitate to upgrade your look at GC by George Charles! Call 312.270.0108 or book your appointment online at

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